Sunday, February 24, 2008

Movie Night

Trying to remember the last movie I saw in a theater came up with blanks. I suppose it was the last Harry Potter movie that came out last summer. So since it had evidently been six months since I've helped the Hollywood box office, last night Chris and I headed to Studio 35 to see Juno. Studio 35 is a jewel of the theater and a wonderful Clintonville treasure. It is a quirky little one screen theater built in the late 30s with an impressive selection of beer on tap. Unfortunately, it is a treasure I don't patron enough, because the last time I was there was to see the second Harry Potter movie on opening night roughly six years ago. (I might have a slight problem, but at least I know I'll be returning to the movies at least three more times in the next several years as the final Harry movies are released).

I have to admit, I loved Juno. After reading this article, I wasn't sure I would. Actually I mostly suspected I would. I have really liked Jennifer Garner since her Alias days and Allison Janey from her West Wing days. Also, I heard the soundtrack was great (it was) and I was totally taken in by the early trailers. It is refreshing to see a movie about a teenage girl who isn't a Mean Girl or obsessed with fashion. The hipster, alternative look made the movie very palatable for me.

Seems to me this movie would appeal to all ages. I identified most closely with the Jennifer Garner character who is unable to have children and will be the adoptive mother. Those 10 years younger than I would probably most easily identify with Juno. the pregnant teenager. And baby boomers could see themselves as Juno's parents.

If you haven't seen it, check it out. To me Juno, is kind of like Little Miss Sunshine almost all grown up.

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Anonymous said...

I saw Juno just last week and I totally agree with you. I was afraid the movie would not live up to all the hype (which is what I thought of Knocked Up), but it did. I loved Juno, loved the parents, loved that it wasn't the Barbie & the Jock couple. Totally worth seeing!