Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Another Christmas Gone

The tinsel is put away, the figgie pudding never quite got made, the bows and brightly colored wrapping paper are out on the curb with the trash and another Christmas has been here and gone. I love Christmas - the glad tidings, the general goodwill and the opportunity to not think twice about eating cookies for breakfast. I also love the family traditions. Going to church and hearing the same readings just about every year. The squid stew (yes, the squid stew - it's a tradition at our house). Playing games until late into the early morning and then getting up a few hours later to play more games. This was the second year Chris spent with my family for Christmas. I think he enjoys it, although he did refer to it as a 36 hour holiday marathon. And, yes, by 8 p.m. on Christmas evening I was ready to agree. I just couldn't muster one more game of poker, one more story of Christmases past or one more cookie made with lots of actual butter. I was Christmased out. But the sad thing is here on December 26, I miss Christmas already. However, I was reminded that Christmas day is really just the beginning - we have Holy Family Day, Epiphany and my birthday, aka New Year's Day! So, let the good times roll - but please let me take a nap first.

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