Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Honeymoon is Over

Well, we did finally get home last night. As we were pulling up to the house at midnight, I was quite happy that I decided to take today off work. There is nothing quite like coming home to a house exactly the way you left it - that is totally disorganized and chaotic. Somehow I thought Prada would have cleaned the place up while we were gone. Instead she set to some serious grooming and has managed to give herself a large bald spot on her back above the tail. The feline acne is only marginally better and her collagen lip is back as well. I'm still hoping all these symptoms are stress related, but she has a date with the vet on Saturday just in case.

It's taking some getting used to to not be on the island. The resort we stayed at, was very nice and each hour the beach attendants would walk around with cooling devices. First would be the sprayer. This was eucalyptus scented water in what looked like a power washer. On a low setting he would spray you with the delicious water. Next, would come the platter of wash clothes. Each would be stacked on a tray. These were cooled to 36 degrees and again scented with a nice blend of eucalyptus. After the wash clothes, came platters of frozen squares of fruit. Clearly with the wintery weather we have here now, cooling devices are not needed, but it was still nice.

Chris and I learned an important marriage lesson (one of many, I'm sure) - we don't really have the same beach vacation personalities. If we were to take a Cosmo quiz on the subject, I would be something like the Literary Lizard as I find there is little better in this world than to be reading in the sun. Chris would be the Party Pirate as he needs a little more action. Luckily for us, our resort also offered a wide variety of complimentary water sports - wind surfs, kayaks and catamarans. I was able to read, while he would drift so far on the wind surfer that the rescue boat has to drag him back to shore. A great time was had by all!

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