Monday, December 3, 2007


This morning we got a couple's massage to cap off a great honeymoon. We figured the massage in the beautiful and peaceful spa setting would seal in that relaxed vacation feeling. It lasted until the screaming babies on the plane from Providencialias to Atlanta really let loose. It is now completely gone as our flight is delayed for two hours and I have the sneaking suspicion the captain who is supposedly on his way from New York is not going to make it. At this point in the trip, I just want to be home. So to cheer myself up, I'll share some honeymoon pics with you all.

Turks and Caicos - we were on Providencialas - was simply stunning. The setting was very beautiful, relaxing and romantic. I would highly recommend it to anyone just looking for relaxation and good quality time together. If you are looking for a crazy nightlife, or really any nightlife, you might want to skip this island, but we loved it. It was a perfect honeymoon destination. However, the photos aren't so much wanting to upload right now. This Boingo connection sucks. I'll update when I finally get home.

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