Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Usually whenever it snows, I like to pretend I'm snowed in. Sorry, can't get to work, it's just too bad out there. Yes, I know it is only about two inches, but I drive a VW Beetle and we don't do the snow drive. Today, after looking out the window immediately upon getting out of bed, a sudden intake of breath awoke my sleeping husband(!). I couldn't believe the snow crazy Jym said we could get was actually there. However, no snowed in days for me as it was my first day back at the office and I knew from a peek at my work e-mail that no fewer than 180 e-mails were awaiting me. Instead I dragged my butt to the shower, where I mournfully looked at my beautifully tanned skin. What's the use of an after-vacation glow if it is going to be covered by a snowsuit? After fighting with my hair (slowly coming around to the monstrous layers) and finding some clothes to wear, off I went back into reality. Just my VW and me on the snowy city streets.

Upon returning home this evening, I decided to foster a different relationship with snow. So I sent Chris to the store for beef stew makings and red wine while I braved the elements for a walk. I'm trying to get back into walking each day, I really enjoy it when I do. I feel better and I look better, but sadly my walks are one of the first things I skip when I get busy. But tonight, walk I did. Bundled up, holding my abs in tight to keep from slipping, and gazing at the neighbors' houses who are more on the ball than we are with holiday decorations actually made for an enjoyable stroll.

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