Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas Cheer

If I knew where they were and could feel the cockles of my heart, I do believe they would be emitting a nice golden glow. For I have here, on this week before Christmas felt the beginning of Christmas cheer.

It all began, with embers of flame, or maybe it was the heat from the oven as I baked three different batches of cookies on Sunday. Baking is truly enjoyable with all my fun new baking toys, uh tools. The KitchenAid mixer mixes with ease and the silicone mats make for perfect cookie bottoms each tray. The cookies are now beautifully bagged waiting to be delivered to the neighbors' homes.

The cheer grew last night when I met friends for a holiday toast and shopping. It might have been the red apple martinis which made my cheeks rosy, but I prefer to think it was the warmth of friendship and the rush of buying gifts for others.

And today, sipping my $4 non-fat gingerbread latte and listening to this classic Christmas carol, I felt my Grinch-like heart grow three sizes. Also feeling like I was trapped in that insurance commercial where good deeds go full circle, I was so impressed by the clerks at Kroger that I waited online to refer them for a red rose. Unfortunately, they stopped the red rose program two years ago. I, instead, donated some money to the Salvation Army.

What makes you feel in the holiday spirit?

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