Sunday, December 30, 2007

A New Card

The other day while (finally) cleaning and organizing the guest bedroom, I found a ribbon keepsake board. It's one of those boards with ribbon crossed in a diamond pattern for sticking pictures and mementos in. I had pictures from college and the years immediately following. Pictures showing lots of smiling faces and trips I had taken. I also had some tickets to sporting and other events stuck in with the pictures. And among all the memories was a card that made me pause.

A few years back, my Mom included in my stocking a little deck of cards entitled Gifts of the Goddess. The cards are meant for meditation cues or just as empowering thoughts and affirmations. It was one of these cards that was stuck in my memory board. The card read "I have everything I need to get what I want." Looking back, this was an important card for me to single out for the those years. The early twenties were a time of figuring out what I did want and then finding ways to make those things happen. It was comforting to know that whatever it was that I wanted, I had the tools to get them. Also, as a twenty-something girl it was good to know that I was allowed to want more than what I had. I could want and would be able to find a solid relationship. I could want and would be able to find a job that didn't leave me exhausted and my bank account empty. I could want and would be able to hold on to friends who are positive influences on my life.

So, now that I am a whole lot closer to having those things I want in my life, I think I need to pick out a new card to take me into the next years of my life. The next card going up is "I believe in myself, now, always, and in all ways."

Yeah, the thirties are going to be good.

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