Friday, January 18, 2008

Friday Mornings

On my list of weekday mornings, Fridays rank at the top. Not only do I get out of bed with the knowledge that for the next two days I get to sleep in, but I also get out of bed with residual effects of Thursday's yoga class. I usually feel light and happy after yoga and that feeling, along with a vague soreness reminding me I did something, sticks around for about 24 hours. In the summers, Fridays are casual days at the office and wearing a skirt with no hose makes me incredibly happy. All year round, though, I tend to reserve my cuter, more me, clothes for Fridays. Today I am sporting knee-high boots, a pink corduroy skirt and a black cardigan. I love it!

Even with all these happy Friday things, what I like most about Friday mornings is the StoryCorps snippets on NPR. If I get my butt into the car early enough on Fridays, I get to hear an interview between normal people, doing ordinary things, that somehow sound amazing and insightful. Today was the story of a woman who was married in 1933, at 96 she couldn't remember the exact date, but did remember taking care of her husband many years later through an illness. I've shown up to work with red eyes more times than I can count from these stories. These simple tales of love and survival are all archived at the Library of Congress. With books and the Internet we no longer need to depend on just an oral history of our society and culture, but sometimes when listening to these stories, I wonder if we should pay more attention to each other's stories.

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