Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Thirty Happens

Yes, in case you were wondering, it is cold to participate in a 5k on New Year's Day in January. In fact, it was about 30 degrees and, oh, the wind was blowing. We got to the race site, registered and promptly returned to the car rather than lining up. It was cooold. Chris said the temperature and my making him compete could be grounds for divorce. However, we both finished the race and had a good time doing it. Or rather, looking back, it was a good thing to do on New Year's Day. During the race, I was thinking Holy F*** each 1/2 mile. Due to the cold, my not training and my infection, I fought to finish and ended up adding three minutes to my last 5K time, but I still consider it a success.

After some good couch time at home, we headed to my parents for my birthday celebration of the traditional sour kraut. We played some games, had lots of laughs, unwrapped some great presents, ate cake and Torrone ice cream and then headed home in the snow.

All in all, a great 30th birthday. Check out these pictures for proof...

(Me looking bad ass in my Under Armour)

(Me after the race with my bagel and hot chocolate - now not quite so bad ass)

(And finally, me blowing out all 30 of my candles)

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Magalie said...

Happy Birthday Amy!