Saturday, January 19, 2008

Time for a Renovation

You would think considering the DIY Diary posts from Memorial Day weekend, I wouldn't see a three-day weekend looming on the calendar and think about working on our home. And yet, here I am covered in primer once again.

Our kitchen renovation, so eloquently documented on this blog more than six months ago never really took off. Yes, we painted the walls red and the cabinets green and although we really like the color choices, we just haven't moved much beyond that point. The back splash has all been ripped out, but not all the cabinet doors have been hung. We seem to not get too far in our renovation efforts. We still need to decide on counters and new back splash and have these items installed. Chris would like to try doing the back splash on our (his) own, but I insisted for the sake of marital harmony that we pay to have some do it. Flooring also needs to be picked out, bought and installed.

So with the laundry list of kitchen projects, you would think we would be down there working, but no this weekend we are working on our bedroom. Since I've moved in here, I just couldn't shake the feeling of sleeping in a dorm room. The walls were an uninspiring off-white color, the trim a boring cream color. The carpet was gross and navy blue. We had no decorations on the wall. The furniture was a hodge podge of pieces collected from Chris' childhood and my after college apartments. We had a mattress and box spring, but no bed to sleep on.

Since being married, this setting has bothered me even more. It just didn't feel grown up or put together. So I ordered $1500 worth of bedroom furniture (matching, with a bed!) from This seemed like a great deal at the time considering it was all shipped to our house for only $2.95, but once it arrived I didn't want to put it into our blah room. So I decided we should paint and Chris thought well, if we're painting, we should tear out the carpet and put down hardwood.

Which is why here it is almost 10 p.m and we haven't even started painting. Instead we have been pulling out carpet staples, debating whether to put down new floors or refinish the existing wood and priming the walls. Other than that Chris likes to find the most difficult ways to complete projects, I'm not sure why we have primed the walls since they were already a light color. While we work well together most of the time, the methods we use vary. If I know the end task is a painted cute bedroom, I paint and then go shopping for fabulous accessories. Given the same outcome, Chris takes eight hours preparing to paint. I so lose interest after about 45 minutes of preparation time. That's why I am here blogging and Chris is priming the cracks in the ceiling. Good grief, maybe one day I'll have pictures of a completed project for you.

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