Thursday, January 17, 2008

Please consider the environment before printing this blog

Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail...
Have you seen this message popping up on e-mails recently? I can't say I am surprised, most people I know print e-mails so they have a hard copy. Besides who can resist the trendiness of green? The computer was supposed to make us a paperless corporate world, but in most places it seems paper can still be found covering and piling up on desks. I see the reason for this message at the end of e-mails, but it still rubs me a tad the wrong way (even as I considered adding it my own signature). Having files, or not, is ones own decision (I choose not - if my computer ever crashes, I'm in trouble). And that security blanket the printout provides is also the decision of only the printer. I guess it seems a little presumptuous to me. Maybe I don't think your e-mail is important enough to print, so I wasn't going to anyway, even with your little message! And maybe I do need a record of the e-mail and now I have guilt, thanks for that. Either way it's just a tad annoying. Maybe the better message is: "If you need to print this e-mail, please be responsible for recycling it after use." Wordy, but a little less preachy, no?

The environment issue brings me to the topic of the conferences I attended over the weekend. Green meetings were a HOT topic. Inherently, meetings are not green. Getting to the meeting place uses fossil fuels, hotels are notorious for wasting large amounts of water and electricity, most meetings have too much food and too many printed handouts. However, the meeting planning industry is trying to combat these issues by not making handouts as available (go home and print them yourselves) and by not providing bottled water. I learned about other methods also, not using disposable plates or utensils or if you have to use them, using materials made of starches rather than plastics. Meetings are still dirty, but getting more green with each glass of water poured from a pitcher. Or at least that is the hope.


Anonymous said...

Er yes I use that on my footers and I do it for a reason - as in "dont f****g waste paper" or even "dont f****g _use_ paper at all" - one day people will get a grip with this climate change thing: its happening and before you can shake a democratically constructed "free-will" argument at it, it will all be over - so WISE UP. Does that make me an Eco-facist? Good, I hoped so. Now get on with something useful. Like saving the f****g planet.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm also sick of "Oh its my right to do whatever I want." Well, f*ck all you idiots who think its your right to destroy the planet that I and MY children live on. I wish I could shoot these f*cking retards into outerspace with all the other junk our governments have floating around up there.