Thursday, January 3, 2008

Snowflakes and Resolutions

I had almost forgotten that snow falls are made up of individual tiny snow flakes. This morning on the way to work, I was aimlessly staring out the window waiting for a red light to change, when I noticed a perfect snowflake frozen in time on my window. I really had forgotten what one snowflake looks like. We usually see snow blanketing a valley, or piling up on the sidewalk, or covering the side of a mountain. Rarely, have I seen one individual flake. I was reminded of the craft we would make at school before winter break. Turns out that that paper folding and scissor creation really is what one individual flake looks like. It's been said no two snowflakes are identical, and it is probably true. Which means each snowflake is not only perfect, but also flawed and thus unquestionably beautiful.

So in the spirit of that one individual flake - perfect, flawed and beautiful - I make my 2008 resolutions.
  • Be kind (more of the time). I will practice biting my tongue before I make snarky comments. I will try to let more things roll off my back rather than reacting negatively.
  • Be more green. I will make simple changes that I should already be doing - using reusable grocery bags, unplugging appliances not in use, taking shorter showers. Okay, honestly, the shorter shower thing, not going to happen, but I'll make less car trips or something.
  • Dedicate myself to my own personal yoga practice. Not only will I feel better, but I'll teach better and make my students feel better through extension. So, really that's three right there.
  • Together Chris and I have resolved to spend 15 minutes each night (or day) picking up, cleaning or otherwise organizing our home. The clutter is starting to win this war, but we believe each 15 minutes is a battle we can win.
  • Lose ten pounds and actually keep off the ten pounds this year. Losing it and gaining it back, not much help really.
  • Compete in a 5k each quarter of the year. And actually run a complete course rather than walking a portion (or a majority) of it.

And so in the spirit of the snowflake, I will explore these resolutions knowing that beauty only exists through flaws and perfections.

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