Monday, July 16, 2007

Bad Cat Mom

This morning I woke up to Prada crying in the hallway. Sometimes she seems to get spooked if she's left alone, I call to her and she comes and the situation is taken care of. This morning, instead of coming into bed for cuddle time, she stayed on the floor plaintively meowing. I finally decided to shake off the last remnants of sleep and actually look at the cat to see what was wrong. I was alarmed to see her wrapped up in something - oh my gosh my cat was being strangled to death and was trying to tell me about it and I was ignoring her in favor of sleep! Then I looked more closely and realized that, no, she wasn't being strangled, but instead had dragged her toy from the hallway into the bedroom. The toy is about two feet of brightly colored felt attached to a plastic handle. Clearly it was playtime and she was not going to take me sleeping as an excuse not to play. Admiring her pluckiness in dragging a toy twice as long as her down the hallway and into the bedroom, I picked it up to start playing. I then realized, it was 6:30 a.m. and a Monday to boot and I could have another 40 minutes of sleep. Sorry, kitty, you're going to have to learn self-directed play.

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