Thursday, July 26, 2007

Wedding Planning Update...take 2

So I haven't given you all a wedding planning update lately (yeah, I still don't check because that list is way out of control). Eek - we're 120 days out and there is so much to do. I'm back in wedding planning mode because my wedding gown came in and I tried it on last night. This isn't the sample, it was made for me to wear when I get married. And I adore it. It is such a pretty gown. Better yet it accentuates my waist and chest while downplaying the bubble butt. I can't wait to wear it on November 24. I also had the boutique owner make me a veil - it's a long cascade style. Very simple, no beading, but quite striking. I will positively float down that 90 ft aisle.

In other news, um, well, we're behind in the whole planning thing. But we're working on it. Still need to:

  • decide on and order cake (mmm cake)

  • talk to florist, order flowers

  • go to menu tasting, pick menu

  • order invitations

  • decide who the heck to invite to this thing

  • orchestrate the flow of the wedding day

  • pick honeymoon destination

  • get marriage license (this is the most important)

  • pick church music

  • have final meeting with the priest

  • pick and order tux for groom and rest of men in the wedding

  • pick out and buy wedding rings (woo hoo, more bling!)

  • bask in happily ever after

1 comment:

Mikalene said...

Yikes! Get movin' girlfriend!

But if all else fails, you have a dress and your man. What more do you need?! (Ok, you need the marriage license. And a priest would be good too. But after THAT, what more do you need?!)