Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Service for 12

Do any of you know anything about old china? I'm not going to call it antique, because I'm not sure it is. Here's the deal: my Grandmother is on a kick to give her things away now so she can see people receive them, rather than having her items divvied up once she's gone. Since I'm getting married this year, she has decided the china should go to me. This works for me just fine, because I didn't want to register for china. People have accused me of being shortsighted, but I just don't think I'll use formal china very often. Now I have a set of china which is not only serviceable, but is pretty cute and has sentimental value.

However, I wanted to find out more about this set of china (which is currently residing in our attic.) It has a stamp on the back of each piece which tells me it is Eggshell Georgian china. A quick web search tells me this was quite popular in the '30s - '50s which fits because my Grandmother bought her set in 1940. The company is now most famous for making Fiesta Ware. However, on all the collecting sites, I can't find the particular pattern which I have. Any ideas of where else to look?


Magalie said...

How nice to have Grandma Gatto's china. Use it and enjoy. Aunt Barbara

Amy said...

It is very special to have the china. I look forward to creating new memories with it, while thinking back to the loud, boisterous table laden with delicious foods it originally graced.
- A

Magalie said...

Apparently my mom has been signing on as me!! But enjoy the china. I got great old silverware set and a silver tea set at a church fair last year.