Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Harry Let Down

I think I've been going through Harry withdrawal for the past couple of days. I handed my copy of the book over to my Mom on Sunday night. Being the woman who originally got me into the series (she read the Sorcerer's Stone to her 4th grade class), I'm rather disappointed that she is only on page 300-something.

Meantime, I'm trying to come to grips that I won't be visiting Hogwarts again. I know I have the two movies to look forward to, but I've always been a bigger fan of the books. On top of my withdrawal symptoms (I just saw a lone sock down in the basement and I looked around for a house elf), I'm thinking more about the ending of the book and now I'm just a tad confused. In the emotion and heat of the moment reading it, I completely bought the rightful owner of the wand thing, but now, I'm wondering if Rowling didn't throw us one big convenient convoluted loophole with which to end things. Huh. Maybe I'll just go back to enjoying it and not think too much into it.

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Mikalene said...

Looking around the house for an elf. hahaha. Good stuff!