Sunday, July 15, 2007

Weekend Odds and Ends

This has been a relatively quiet weekend due to me yesterday not wanting to do much. I had a nasty run-in with some MSG at some point on Friday night (I'm thinking it must have been in the batter for the fried calamari at Brio), which kept me throwing up for a better part of the wee hours on Saturday and then completely out of it for the remainder of the day. Oh, I miss the days before MSG wreaked havoc on my system.

I, did, however manage to make it to the Farmer's Market yesterday morning. Riding our bikes there and stopping at Starbucks has become quite the Saturday morning routine. Arriving later than we should have, most of the good produce was gone, but we did pick up some great baby squash. Baby zucchini is so much better and more tender than fully grown zucchini and they also had a golden variety which was lovely. In an effort to branch out, I also picked up some kohlrabi. The farmer suggested trying it raw and described it as a cross between an onion and a apple. I found it tastes more like mellow broccoli and I liked it just barely cooked (I threw in a few pieces with the baby veg saute I was cooking).

Pretty much our weekend right there, tonight we're heading to my parent's for some serious wedding planning talk - only 132 days away!

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