Sunday, July 22, 2007

The End of Book Seven

No, spoilers here, don't worry. I have, however, finished the last Harry Potter book. Chris and I returned from an afternoon at the Jazz & Rib Fest to find the book had (finally) arrived on our doorstep. I did some serious bookworming and had it finished by early evening today. Chris caught me crying at least once. In spite of the tears, I really enjoyed this final foray into the land of Hogwarts (and was happy that the school made a final starring showing; at the end of book 6 it was doubtful we would get much more of the school of wizardry). I liked the ending, although I could have done without the epilogue. To me, the story was told and completed at the end of the final chapter and the epilogue was just sentimental drivel which would have been better left to the reader's own thoughts. But that's just me.

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