Saturday, May 26, 2007

DIY Diary

Day 1.5
I'm sitting here covered in paint flecks, I have never been the world's most careful painter. It's a good thing we are painting first and going to be trashing the rest of the kitchen eventually. I don't have to be careful of floors, back splash, appliances or counter tops because they are going to go. I'm supposed to be charging the iPod, but instead thought I create a record of our progress.

Last night we cleaned the cabinets and removed the hardware. We also moved everything out of the kitchen. We went to Lowe's and spent $410 on paint, supplies and new hardware of the cabinets. The paint colors will be peony red, seedling green and one other shade of green I can't remember right now.

So far we have almost completed priming everything this morning...when I suggested we paint the kitchen and cabinets, I wasn't expecting quite as much work as it has turned out to be. The kitchen REALLY needed a good updating though since the everything is circa 1982 and I'm just not that into yellow and ugly wood.

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