Sunday, October 28, 2007


I've always been a big fan of Halloween. Who doesn't like dressing up and getting candy? Growing up, Halloween was a big event. We went trick or treating for hours. In our neighborhood, the Dads took the kids. We got candy, they got beer. Being the youngest, I was also the slowest and I must have walked (or been carried) my little feet off because we had quite the trick or treating route.

I was never the traditional little girl costumes. No princesses or fairies for me. The year I broke my femur, I was a mummy since I already had the body cast. I was Wonder Woman one year and got to wear my rain boots as save the world boots. In the the second grade, I wore the suit of a little person who had died (long story of how we got the suit). It was quite cute actually. One year my Mom made an intricate parrot mask out of felt. That was fun. Some where along the way, I stumbled into being a cat and would use that as the fall back costume for many years, including this one. All you have to do is wear black once you have the ears and tail. This year, I was the cat and Chris was the hat.

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Mikalene said...

HAHAHA. Love it!!!!

I still have the photo on my phone from two Halloween's ago when you were a martini. :)