Friday, October 12, 2007

Stay Away from the Collagen

I'm sitting here with a ball of very sad kitty on my lap. Last week we noticed Prada's lower lip was really swollen. This happened last year about this time also, something to do with allergies to new bugs. Okay, I'm not really sure what it had to do with, but she went to the vet, she got a shot and the lip was fine. Until about last week. It looked like my sweet little cat had gone all Playboy bunny on us and sneaked out for collagen injections. Chris wrestled her into the kitty carrier and took her into the vet yesterday. Now the problem might be allergies, but is more likely an out of whack feline immune system. She got a higher dose of the shot than last year (it evidently wore off) and we are to keep an eye on her lip. If it doesn't go down in the next 5 days, she has to go back to the vet for a biopsy. Turns out the lip isn't really swollen, but has some type of crazy cell growth.

Poor little kitty seemed fine last night, but she is just sad pathetic cat right now. I'm not sure if the medicine is making her out of sorts, but I hope she's feeling okay. We're going to go take a nap now.

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