Saturday, October 13, 2007

Time Alone

My current book from the library is Alone in the Kitchen with an Eggplant. This charming collection of short stories and essays recounts experiences of cooking for one or dining alone. It's fitting this is my book right now, because Chris is out of town whooping it up at his white water rafting bachelor party.

The book is interesting to me because it has so many different voices. Everyone reacts to being alone differently, some cherish alone time as a nice change of pace, some crave going solo, some have aloneness thrust upon them, some avoid being alone at all costs. I'm of the first camp, I like alone time, but I wouldn't want it for always. I get more done when I'm alone, I notice more things when I am by myself. This morning I was cleaning up the kitchen and washing my vase. The sunlight came through the window just in the right way to reflect a prism of shadow polka dots on my counter. It made me happy and I'm not sure I would have noticed it if Chris were with me - I also probably wouldn't have been cleaning the vase.

So what have I eaten in my alone time? Last night was leftover veggie soup and a pumpkin beer. Nothing special there. But this morning, started with my favorite almond vanilla tea (naturally served in a polka dot mug), and a piece of semolina toast smeared with just the right amount of blueberry preserves. I'm going down to make a large smoothie next. Cheers to being okay with being alone (for one weekend).

*Note: if you have a few minutes, go to the tea link above. If you click on Get Your Fortune, there is a cute little interactive tea leaves reading session. I was told I would be more successful if I had a plan rather than living moment to moment. I'll have to think about.

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