Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tea Time

While I was growing up, I thought there were only two types of tea. One was the kind at my Grandmother's house. She would drink it hot. We would make sun tea out of it in big pickel jars in the backyard on sunny days. The brand was Red Rose and the fun of this was each box had a little animal figurine in it. We drank a lot of tea and consequently all had whole collections of animals living on our windowsills. This summer I bought a box of this tea purely for the nostalgia. They're now on the Noah series. Still just animals though.

The other type of tea was reserved for night time or if I was sick (with some honey in it). Sleepytime tea, I was convinced at the time, was capable of knocking someone out and was not safe for daytime drinking. I still like this tea, in fact, I'm sipping a mug of it right now. This tea gets me because the box features a bear in a nightgown with a cat on it's lap sitting in front of the fire. What could be cozier than the bear, nightgown, cat, fire combination? Plus there are fun motivational quotes on the box. Enlightenment and a cup of tea, what could be better?

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