Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Remember when I was waxing philosophic about the autumnal equinox and my love of fall? Yes, well, in between the candy corn, brightly colored leaves and finding the Great Pumpkin, I forgot about some of the not-so-great things about fall. Namely the change from the hotness of summer to the cooling days of fall leaving me congested. My poor sinuses don't know what to make of the up and then down temperatures. My drying skin is scratchy and itchy and my lips are chapped. Even my poor tummy, is, uh, well congested. So I took the day off work to give my sinuses, skin and stomach a break from office life.

During my day off, I found a practice in last month's issue of Yoga Journal to help with some of these symptoms (evidently it's not just me who feels all out of sorts when the leaves fall). I drank lots of fluids. I ate a healthy and balanced diet. I slept in. It has been so nice and let me tell you, my pee hasn't been this clear in weeks!

All of this makes me think there might be something to living a Ayuverdic lifestyle. However, I just can't get past the one tenant I read about most often: getting up with the sunrise to let the rhythms mimic your own. I'll instead be a cafeteria believer in Ayuverdic principles. Pass the green tea and neti pot, please.

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