Monday, October 29, 2007


Our household is in a little bit of a panic tonight (okay, a lot bit). Not so much because we're getting married in 25 days, but because in order to get married we need our social security cards. I haven't seen my soc card since (the first) Clinton was in the White House. In searching for said card, I've gone through boxes of stuff and I've found articles I wrote in high school, a list of quotes we collected sophomore year in college, pictures from childhood, collages of photos I made in college, 2005 tax return info and many old birthday cards and notes. It just struck me that all that collected "junk" is who I am, not a string of nine numbers on a blue and white card. I wonder if I show up with my Tupperware bins of memories if they would grant me the marriage license? It's really me.

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Riley & Tiki said...

Hope you got that worked out, but we just got married and did not need our social security cards for a marriage license in Franklin County, just our driver's licenses.

R&T Mom