Thursday, October 11, 2007


That light is back, you know the one I mentioned when I said I feel a certain illumination coming from me when I'm teaching yoga. I know it sounds hokey, but I am really enjoying this experience.

It is making me a better communicator. I've been practicing for so long, I'm really tempted to just get into a pose and say you "just do this". But, most people can't "just do this" or that or even Triangle. So finding ways to communicate what Triangle is, how it feels and how to make it work for different individuals is all really just communicating. And I'm learning how to do that better.

A student came up to me after class today and asked if next time we could do alligator again, it's helping her build upper body strength and even though she struggles with it, she wants to keep trying. I said yes with a smile. Of course she meant crocodile, but I'm so glad the students I'm working with are finding their own favorite poses and their own personal nemesis poses.

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