Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Favorite Flavors

Regardless of what the calendar might say, it is officially autumn (or at least very Indian Summer). I know this because today at work I was snacking on a truly autumnal treat - candy corn mixed with Spanish peanuts. This striking combination of textures and tastes is so very fall to me. Normally, I wouldn't eat these two things separately but in tandem I can't resist. It's a yin and yang of pure bliss.

Another salty sweet treat I enjoy is the Salty Caramel ice cream at Jeni's. Some have said this is too salty, or too sweet or too rich. But, boo hiss, I respond to those naysayers as I find this concoction of butter, milk, and liberal amounts of salt and sugar to be an out of this world ice cream flavor. I had a big scoop of this after downing multiple 6 ounce tastings at the annual Microbrew Festival this past Saturday. It was a little crowded, and I really think this should be an outdoor event, but otherwise, a good time was had by all. And a great chance to sample local beers without committing to a whole pint, because let's face it, sometimes microbrews can be a little hoppy and you are really better off tasting it first. No such taste test is needed with salty / sweet treats detailed above, just dive head in.

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Mimi said...

Last night, I had some butternut squash for suppper. For me, that definetly announces Fall :) Your yummy treat, made my mouth water!!!