Friday, September 28, 2007

Little Holes are Good

I was reminded today that Swiss cheese isn't only a tasty addition to a Reuben or a cheese tray, it is also helpful in problem solving and ultimately in stress management. In grad school, preparing for my thesis, I was introduced to the Swiss Cheese method of project management by a professor. We were told all about this method the first day of grad school and while I kind of used it to complete my graduate work, I haven't really much thought about it since.

The gist of the Swiss Cheese method is that when faced with a large project, to nibble off small sections and soon the whole assignment is complete. They somehow connected this to the holes in the Swiss cheese, but I have to admit the reason escapes me right now.

Anyway, since getting the invitations out to the guests of our upcoming wedding was beginning to overtake us all; I devised a plan with specific tasks and due dates which makes it seem manageable. When the goal was get the invitations out by next week, we all flipped out. Now, today's goal is to finalize the guest list, tomorrow's goal is to finish inputting addresses, this weekend's goal is buy stamps, etc until the happy day of October 5 when they are in the capable hands of the USPS.

Grad school actually was good for something! If only one of the lessons would have included ordering more wedding invitations than you really think you'll need.

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