Thursday, September 20, 2007

Think First

A lesson I learned today: when asked by a client for a favor, don't answer yes until you get more details. Otherwise you might end up driving her 45 miles away to pick up a rental car. Uh, we live in the 15th largest city in the US, people needn't drive to Newark, OH to get a car. But, whatever. I get to take the drive on Monday, which while not exactly how I want to spend a busy Monday in the office, will at least be different and might provide me some time to think.

My thinking lately has revolved around the extravaganza which is wedding planning. A co-worker of mine recently compared the wedding industry to the funeral industry. And while jaded and cynical he surely is, he's not far off. Both make their money by up selling details. Sometimes, high pressure sales tactics are geared toward making happy brides / grieving families feel they need the chair covers (or the velvet casket lining as it may be) or the whole event / afterlife will be ruined.

We're having what is really shaping up to be a lovely wedding, and I'm so thankful for that as I'm sure many memories will be made come November 24. But, where do you draw the line? Surely we can do without the ice sculpture, right? I think yes.

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Mimi said...

Have a fun drive on Monday! That's so odd, she has to go so far for a car. Ohh well!

It was wonderful having Joey with us for a night. He looks wonderful and we had a great time!!