Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Just Breathe

I really envy people who aren't inexplicably drawn to food when a perfect storm of stressful incidents happen in their lives. I'm not one of those people who eat a pint of ice cream after a bad day, but I am one who lunges for a baguette, sea salt and olive oil. Maybe there aren't others like me, but I feel it is rather helpful to eat bread, oil, cheese and wine for dinner on less than stellar days.

Why this veritable feast today you might ask? For one, my office is moving buildings. I'm not a huge fan of change (mainly because of the packing), so this is throwing me for a loop. Plus Starbucks is further away and we won't be near the farmer's market any longer. There is also an office placement issue that pisses me off. It all sounds petty and probably is, but I'm having a tough time keeping a sunny perspective on this one.

Further on my just take a deep breath list: our wedding is 59 freaking days away! How did that happen! So excited, but so much to do. Beginning with getting the invitations out by the end of next week. And by getting the invitations out, I really mean: finalizing the guest list, gathering addresses, deciding how to get the addresses on the envelopes and then getting the envelopes stuffed and into the hands out the trusty USPS. Makes me tired thinking about.

Oh yeah, and then I have to figure out how to convince 12 people next week at this time that I really do know how to teach yoga. Now I'm going to work on that with a nice long practice which I hope makes me have a better attitude about the move, come to some epiphany about addressing the invitations and make me forget the yummy baguette I just bought at the store.

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Mimi said...

I'm sending you some warm destressing hugs your way!!!! I wish I could be in your yoga class :) We did headstands yesterday, which I LOVE.