Wednesday, September 5, 2007

My Name is Amy and I'm a...

MESSIE. If you know me, this probably isn't a shock. My house, previously apartment or dorm room, or bedroom has never been what one would describe as tidy. Rather, I'm the leave out as I go along type person which at some point results in a huge mess. That's pretty much where I'm at now. The thing is, I never truly unpacked all my things when I moved in with Chris last October. To compound the problem, Chris never really unpacked all his things when he moved in last July. Triplicating the problem is that we are now being given wedding presents and have nowhere to put them. To really quadarate the issue, our house is 1350 square feet. There is stuff absolutely everywhere. Perhaps more annoyingly to me (I have a high threshold for messy), we also haven't at all decorated the second floor of the house. I told Chris we are living like Monks. He pointed out the 33 pairs of shoes and suggested we weren't quite monk-like.

So, as they say, admitting you have a problem is the first step. And here I am phoning into Houston. Steps are being taken to correct this situation. I have checked out books on the topic of organizing and housecleaning. They are by Sandra Felton and while she feels the need to compulsively throw in Bible verses throughout her text (I don't think God cares what my house looks like), she has some really good key points. For example, she says keeping your house neat and tidy is not only inviting to guests but also a privilege and shows respect to your home. I like that.

Also helping is that my boss is having a yard sale this weekend. He has offered to try and sell anything I want to haul to him. This is so great: the benefit of selling my nice(r) junk without actually doing the work of a yard sale. Plus, it's been so freeing to go through things and single out items for sale. Please keep your fingers crossed that none of it comes back!

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