Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Losing It

My friend Sara and I were commiserating today about our sudden lack of memory skills. I'm planning a wedding and dealing with everyday life stuff and she is an 8-month-pregnant mother of an 18 month old. We decided, at almost 30, it wasn't quite time for dementia to set in, but at times we don't seem far away. Preparing for life changing events tends to make remembering where you put your keys a task that is hard to do - at least for us. Sara is messing up appointment times and I can't keep straight what thank you notes I have sent to whom.

Lists have become my friends, I have one here by the computer for online to dos. Several lists live on my desk at work - one for work related tasks and one for wedding related jobs. There is also a list downstairs somewhere reminding me to take the dry cleaning and buy curtains so the creepy neighbor stops looking in our kitchen.

I fondly (and somewhat hazily) remember the days when no lists were required. When things just got accomplished because they did, with little effort involved. Those days are not in recent memory.

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