Friday, May 11, 2007


Tonight is the opening night of Corteo in Columbus- a Cirque Du Soleil show. We're going and I am very excited about not only the show, but the after party as well. If you click on the web site, you'll learn that Corteo means cortege in Italian. Cortege is a joyous procession. This show is the imagining of a clown's funeral. I'm really into this idea. I have to admit, the last Cirque show I saw made me quite bored by the second act. The story of the last one didn't grab me and although the acrobats, costumes and set were amazing, in the end, I'm a story girl who wants a plot I can follow.

I also really like the funeral part of this show. In my family, we are big believers in giving the funeral the deceased would want and this clown imagining his own processional really resonates me. Also, this week I went to a memorial service where, even in grief, there was a joyous procession which, in the end, is the only way to go.

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