Thursday, May 3, 2007

It's a Secret Life

So I don't think I'll be killing any honeybees this year. Months ago I had heard about (on NPR, of course) about the mystery of the disappearing honeybees. Evidently, the queens are dying off because the worker bees are never making it back to the hives (okay, so I kind of made that part up, but it seems plausible to me). Being a lifelong fan of Nancy Drew and honey on toast, I immediately began to think of installing a hive in the backyard so I could further the body of research forming on this mysterious plague of the honeybee. After I found out much a bee hobby would cost and remembering my slight allergy to stings, I decided this probably wasn't a good idea. Instead I will vow not to squish, squash or smack any honeybees this summer. I don't think I would have looked good in that crazy beekeeper hat, anyway.

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