Saturday, May 5, 2007

Saturday Mornings

Today we're heading to a wedding in New Knoxville, Ohio (I'm not sure where the heck it is, either), but there is so much fun stuff going on in Columbus that I wanted to do at least some of it. To begin with, Clintonville shops are having sidewalk sales and there is a store with a chair in the window I have been drooling over. Second, my brother was participating in an art event to benefit a good cause and I wanted to stop by to see the work. Plus, there were lots of other things going on: Gallery Hop in the Short North, Cinco D'Ohio at the North Market and various other things. Chris and I determined if we got up early enough we could at least walk around Clintonville and go visit Tony. When it came down to spending $100 for a decorative chair, I had to pass, but I did buy a bib for a friend (Sobo has the cutest baby stuff ever), an oil-cloth coin purse for Mom (so retro and fabulous), and earrings for me (to wear at the wedding tonight). Then we went to visit brother and the kids he was helping paint doors. There was a lot of really creative stuff going on down there which was wonderful to see. It's also nice to see how much brother's fellow teachers and students respect him.

Lesson learned here: getting up early on a Saturday allows you do some stuff you want to do while also doing the stuff you need to do. And you get earrings. Okay, my turn for the shower now.

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Walker Evans said...

Yeah, my wife likes Sobo too. They have some really nice stuff in there. ;)