Sunday, May 27, 2007

DIY Diary

Day 2.85
Otherwise known as two mojitos in and freak-out time. We like the color of the peony red, but it looks AWFUL on the walls. Our walls are plaster and have a circular texture pattern to them. The paint, being a bright hue isn't holding true against the surface and there are shadows everywhere. In one place there is a strange amoeba paint outline. My theory is that each time we accidentally go over one painted area it is making an unintentional second coat. We aren't the best painters, so in some spots we have about six coats all in the "first coat" or what should be the first coat. Chris thinks that the true "second coat" will take care of all the shadows and things will even out. I hope he's right because at this point it looks like we will be using the second can of primer we thought we could return to cover up the peony red.

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