Thursday, May 31, 2007

Too Old for Forever?

I had a client dinner tonight at a local mall. Since I was able to expense the mileage to the mall, I figured I would run some errands while I was there. Yes, I'm just that cheap and gas is just that expensive lately. Plus, it's a environment thing. Why make two trips?

Anyway, I returned some stuff at Macy's and while there saw a darling little smocked top I just had to have. Unfortunately, it was $50 and I knew it would only be worn once or twice this summer. I don't think smocked embroidered tops would work too well at the office. I managed to get that top back on the hanger with just a few tears. Then through my sadness a veil lifted and I realized Forever 21 would have a similar top for half the price. Thank goodness for the retro trend going on right now! So off I went to teeny bopper land, where I got this shirt and found something remarkably like the other one. Here's the thing though, I'm way closer to Forever 31 than 21 and I don't know how appropriate it is for me to shop at this store (especially after a business meeting).

Also, I'm a little concerned that this is their marketing:

I'm not sure if you can read the text, but it talks about the heritage of the clothes being from 1981. Uh, I was 4 then and wearing cute little smocked tops...guess my tastes haven't matured that much.

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Mikalene said...

Ha. I feel hideous going into Forever 21...but make myself do it for the bargains. Like Nike says...Just do it. :)

Kitchen looks great by the way. Hilarious that Prada got into the paint. Silly cat.