Tuesday, May 15, 2007

If you're out on the road....

So I just spent the last hour crying as I watched the last Gilmore Girls. I don't think I watched this series from the beginning, I might have caught repeats on ABC Family or started watching when I was in grad school, but when I discovered it, I was hooked. I think the series ended wonderfully - the focus of the show was still the family relationship, especially the mother/daughter story (loved how the last scene of the finale was the same as the last scene of the pilot). If I could live in Stars Hollow, I would sign up in a minute. I feel like such a girl for crying and smiling at the same time, but it was a really sweet show and I'll miss it.

I once read an article about some type of uber-Christian teen convention. The organizers had all the kids write the different ways in which Satan tempts them on pieces of paper for some type of releasing. I found the whole activity disturbing, but one girl wrote Gilmore Girls on her slip. This really perplexed me. How could a show about your mom being your best friend be the work of Satan? I found the whole series to be about the different types of families and the value of each relationship in creating a whole, well rounded person. If anything, the Gilmore Girls personified family values in the modern age.

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Aunt Barbara said...

Amy, Magalie and I just watched Gilmour Girls too. We always watched it if we were together Tuesday evenings. Sometimes sappy but good just the same.