Sunday, May 13, 2007

Was Fantastic

The opening night of Corteo on Friday (here in Columbus) was simply amazing. As I said before, I wasn't a huge fan of Verakai which was the last Cirque show I saw, but this one really impressed me. I felt it was lighter (even though it was a funeral procession) and moved more quickly. Added to the fun of the show, my tickets included the Tapis Rouge which is a VIP tent before, at intermission and at the end of the show. This tent is like no hospitality tent I have seen before, it is very swanky and the drinks keep pouring (until we were asked to leave at 12:30 because the tent had to close). After the show, the performers also come to the tent. I talked to two of them and it was very interesting - so much preparation goes into a show of this nature.

Thanks to the free drinks, I wasn't too helpful in the yard work we planned to do on Saturday. We got a lot done, though. The people here before us had planted some type of weedy-looking ground cover that had taken over the whole side of the house. We ripped all that out (okay, Chris ripped that all out and I took a nap) and then went to the garden store to pick out some other items to put in. We transplanted about 12 ferns and hosta plants and then put in a rose bush, baby's breath, Columbine and a pink Poppy. It looks so much better! Today we have to finish mulching and then we're set with that portion of the yard. I also want to get some veggie seeds in.

Happy Mother's Day!

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