Saturday, May 26, 2007

Day 1.95
Real progress has been made in the last couple of hours (plus dinner has been had). As an instant gratification type gal, I like painting much more when there is color involved. The white primer just wasn't cutting it for me. The fiddlehead green color is now up on the cabinet infrastructure. The cabinet doors are in the garage. Some of them have been painted but there is only so much drying space. The green is pretty intense. It is really pretty, but as always, looks way different than on the swatch. We have a lot of cabinets so the fiddlehead is rather prominent. It definitely lightens the kitchen up - it was really dark before. I'm still worried about the peony red. Chris won't let me do a wall of this (he wants to do a second coat of the trim first), so it is really difficult to get an idea of how this color will look when there is a lot of it. Too late to turn back now!

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