Sunday, May 27, 2007

DIY Diary

Day 2.5
The late start this morning has gotten us behind schedule. Plus today we're way more tired than yesterday and truthfully the fun of painting has worn off and now it is drudgery. We've completed the second coat on the cabinet infrastructure. Chris is now beginning the trim work of the walls. I'm painting the backsides of the cabinets. This is going more slowly than anticipated because I can't use the backyard due to rainy weather. Also, I'm being pretty careful with the cabinet doors since this is the main part of what we'll see everyday. I'm still really worried about the peony red color on the walls. My brother is coming over later tonight to offer his opinion on the color choices. At this point, I'm hoping it all looks really good because I don't want to spend another weekend painting. I just made mojitos as a pick-me-up. Yummy, but we can't have too many since painting is detail work.

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