Wednesday, May 30, 2007

More Pictures

This is a view of the area above Prada's food bowl (and also one of her favorite windows). You can see we have started ripping out the tile. This was something I was really excited to do, but I have to see it wasn't as fun as I thought. We have a lot of tile to rip out still if anyone would like to get some aggression out.
Upside down grape cluster knob (just turn your head to see it). This is fitting that the picture is crooked, because the screws that came with the knob are a little too long. This makes the cluster wobble a little and sometimes it is upside down. These are so cute I just can't stand it.
And the plain knobs for the rest of the kitchen....they're nice too.

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Mimi said...

Ohh, I love it! I especially love the moulding around Prada's window! They don't make new houses with that anymore :( Your grapes are very cute and the knobs are pretty. I think I would of chosen them too. Must be genetic ;)