Saturday, May 26, 2007

Day 1.80

Cabinets are drying in the backyard and trim just isn't my thing, so here is a quick note on the colors. My brother (whose condo is purple and teal) says not to be afraid of color in decorating. This time, we showing little fear. The peony red shade chosen for the walls is more of a poppy red. Sorry, Martha Stewart, but I think you missed the mark on naming this color. Last night at Lowe's I was beginning to get worried because the beautiful deep red shade on the swatch we had been looking at in our kitchen for the past couple of weeks suddenly looked a putrid orangey color. I just slapped some on the wall and it is a little more orange than expected, but we like it. Haven't yet seen it against the fiddlehead green of the cabinets yet. Don't be afraid of color, indeed.

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