Sunday, May 27, 2007

DIY Diary

Too late on Saturday

Chris is cleaning up now, but we have completed the second coat of the trim. Our house was built in 1920, it is really hard to get trim that has been painted numerous times since then to look really good. We did our best, and I think it turned out pretty well.

Prada has been very leery of this whole painting process. To begin with the moving everything out of kitchen seemed to remind her of moving locations. She doesn't like to move and has spent a week in a closet both times. After I reassured her we were staying place, she was bit better. However, she doesn't like the bright painting lights or the fumes. All day, we've been telling her it is okay. She didn't choose to believe us until late tonight when she finally came into the kitchen and jumped on a window sill...that had just been freshly painted. Not liking the feeling of the wet paint on her paws, she froze for a second so I had time to grab before. I tried to get most of the paint off her paws before she tracked it all over the house. Poor kitty, her house is in disarray, it smells and now she has green paws.

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