Monday, May 7, 2007

The Productiveness Continues...

I guess work really does expand to the amount of time allotted. After the wedding on Saturday (which was very nice), I knew there would be some things I wanted to get done. First, since we were near Grand Lake St. Mary's (which is evidently Ohio's OTHER Great Lake) I wanted to check it out. Then, as with any trip I am on, I needed to pretend I was Rachel Ray on $40 A Day. I did this by finding a breakfast buffet served on what looked like train cars and then walked around a portion of the lake to work off the apparent lard the food was cooked in. (If I were Rachel, I would recommend skipping Casey Jone's Buffet). So much can be accomplished on a Sunday after a wedding when one isn't hungover.

After our little adventure in Celina, Chris and I headed back home up Route 33 (otherwise known as one of the most boring routes in Ohio). Back in Columbus, we stopped at the Anderson's for lunch stuff and got suckered into buying $50 worth of plants for the backyard. Actually, we had a good time planting and filling pots with beautiful new flowers. I'll try to get some pictures uploaded, because we are quite proud of our handiwork.

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