Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Big Election Night

Four years ago I sat on the same couch watching the election results come in.  Last time around though I was sitting here pregnant with a little Milo who was happily kicking in my belly.  He loved the sound of Obama's voice or perhaps he enjoyed the happy feelings I shared with him whenever I heard the future President speak.

Today I voted wearing Leo in his Boba carrier.  He really wanted to touch the buttons too and I was excited to share the experience with him.  I again voted for Obama and I was proud to do it.  I just read what I wrote four years ago about voting for President and I still agree with it.  Hate, fear and disrespect have no place in the America I believe in and those are the things I see being courted by the other candidate.

Milo - who wanted to vote for poopy and candy because he likes their ideas - went to vote with Chris.  Exposing the children to the democratic process is important.  Regardless of who wins the election, I will teach my boys to respect other ideas, their country and the people around them.  I wish other people would do the same and maybe within a generation the party divide wouldn't be so wide.  There are so many teachable moments to share and learn from together.

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