Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving in Actualality

Like tables across America right now, we are realizing we had way too much food at ours.  Due to moves, injuries and just other plans our Thanksgiving group shrank this year and yet we still planned like we were cooking for double the number of people.  Leftovers for a few days!

Leo loved Thanksgiving - he shoveled down cranberries, mashed potatoes and turkey.  Milo was not such a fun of the food - he found the butternut squash I tried to hide in the mac and cheese and refused to eat anymore of it.  He loved putting together a turkey Lego though.

The day was a sweet time together and focused on what I am most thankful for:  coffee with Chris, walks on sunny days through our neighborhood, playing at the park with my boys, delicious food and fun times with my parents and brother.  And above all love permeating it all.

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