Thursday, November 15, 2012

So To Speak

Growing up I had a speech impediment mainly with the r and l sounds.  I went to speech therapy weekly (or I was supposed to I actually remember trying to avoid it quite a bit) from about third grade through 6th grade.  Eventually all those years of practicing L sounds paid off and I graduated from therapy.  Still all these years later if I am really tired or a little tipsy, I can hear the impairment start to return.  I know to go to bed with my r and l sounds start getting sloppy.

Milo earlier this year smiling for the camera
(not how he would say that sentence).
Milo, who I can almost always understand but others usually can't, is now struggling with some sounds.  Today at preschool he had a speech and hearing screening and he did not pass the speech part of it.  Although I knew it was most likely coming I am back swimming in the now unfamiliar pool of speech therapy.

The therapist today was lovely and positive and thinks he will respond quickly to treatment.  If possible I would like to have the problem taken care of now rather than later, but there are so many avenues to look down.  Evidently therapy can sometimes be covered by insurance and sometimes not.  Sometimes children go through a school district and sometimes they need to go through a private clinic.

So I'm reading and researching and talking with friends about how to proceed.  I want to help Milo have the skills he needs to be confident in speaking his strong mind and wonderful ideas...even if he is sleepy.

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