Saturday, November 10, 2012

Shutterfly Party

As part of a House Party program we hosted a little Shutterfly party here today.  The party was actually just a play date, but it was nice to have friends over on Saturday and play all together.  In addition to the fun times with friends we were able to give codes for free photo books and holiday cards.

I love the Shutterfly photo books.  The blog posts here of the monthly shots get turned into a book (we have one for Milo's first two years and will make Leo's too).  I also do a book for each season more or less.  I don't scrapbook and I hate having tons of prints laying around, so the photo books work for us.  It's not much energy to do and I really enjoy the results.  I try to make the books have a bit of a story and then they can be read as any other picture book.  We take so many pictures and find the best way for us to organize these special frozen moments in time is through the photo book.

* This post is part of the agreement I have with House Party.  In return for hosting an event, I was given a free photo book.  

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