Saturday, November 3, 2012

Leo - 10 Months

Oh Leo.  You of the recent nap strikes and the waking up to nurse sometimes only an hour after being put to bed.  At 10 months old you are have surprised us by seemingly suddenly being your own little person rather than the content baby who could be carted around.  You're crawling all over and nothing much slows you down.  You set your sights on something - the stuffed snake, stack of DVDs or laptop cord - and you are off to get it at a quick pace.  Once at your destination your giggles and happy grunts give away whatever mischief you are getting into.  And mischief does seem to find you.  You've knocked over plants, emptied Kleenex boxes and opened low drawers to the empty the contents.  All of this and you've only been crawling for a month.  It also seems like you are ready for the next thing.  You do a version of down dog while crawling that makes it clear what you really want to be doing is standing.  If you are next to a person or a piece of furniture you just go ahead and pull to stand.  I'm afraid walking isn't going to be far behind.

It's been a busy past month with not as much sleep as you probably need.  Plus you've been fighting off back to back colds and I suspect you have a few more teeth coming in.  All this to say you've been a little fussy lately.  Even the fussy version of you though is somewhat delightful.  You have grins and giggles I can't get enough of.  You love to have simple songs sung for you and you like to be entertained by the people around you.  While you don't have quite as much time for cuddling lately, you still love to be held and give hugs.

In the past few days you have debuted a full arm wave to say bye bye or hello.  Today at the grocery store you were showing this off quite nicely to all the other people shopping.  Your smiles and paitence in line earned you a bright yellow balloon from the cashier.  I'm not sure when I have seen you so excited as you were holding onto that string as we walked to car.  Your chubby little hand was closed tightly around the string and you would excitedly pull the balloon up and down to watch it move.  I hope the excitement for the little things never leaves you, buddy.  At the end of the day it is what counts.  And you are reminding me of that often as we go through your early days together.

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